Saturday, November 16, 2013

West Seattle Farmer's Market

Heirloom tomatoes
It's all about the texture. Piles of vegetables, buckets and buckets of colorful flowers, home-spun signs and lots of stuff to nibble on—it's the charm of our local farmer's markets. 

I was on a garden tour with a group of garden bloggers from around the country, as well as two who came from England to join us! We pulled up in our buses and flooded the market with our bodies and cash. For lunch, I had a cold soup and a delectable pastry and also bought a bagful of Rainier cherries to snack on for the rest of the day. 

I loved the organic produce offered here. Everyone is talking about buying local; well, here it’s at this market and organic too! I can spend my money locally, eat quality, fresh fruit and vegetables and positively support the local economy. 

Yum-yum and win-win!

Flower bouquets

Rainier cherries

Organic produce

Organic produce



More bouquets


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