Thursday, November 14, 2013

Hotel/Motel Grumbles

This is an old grumble-fest about showers that I am moving to Muck About Northwest. 

Originally posted 06/22/11

I recently traveled through several states, staying in a variety of hotels with a variety of cost ranges, and I found that paying more doesn't necessarily buy you a superior room. For instance, take the bathrooms. Some motel showers have those scrawny little shower heads installed. You know, the kind that sprays water so hard it stings your skin, but doesn't get you wet enough to rinse the shampoo fully out of your hair. Do they purposely install those hideous little things to make your shower so uncomfortable you get out quickly?

Speaking of showers—why do these same motels have shower curtains that don't reach all the way across the opening? I seal up one side so water won't leak out and then the other side has a big gap. I pull the curtain over and the first side has the gap. When I try to reach a happy medium and center the curtain, the only thing I achieve is a gap on both sides where I can happily splash water out all over the floor.

It doesn't matter though; as soon as I step into the shower, a breeze comes up and blows the curtain into the shower stall. It's bad enough that the plastic feels cold and slimy on my skin, but my flesh seems to be a magnet that draws the curtain towards me. Why do I never see it blow inward when I am standing outside the shower? Yet as soon as I get in, the curtain moves towards me, and when I try to push the curtain back into place, it comes right back and wraps its slick plastic around my body! Attack curtain!

Two motels I stayed at had toilets, which flush with such force I was afraid to stand too near it, it will take me down. Flushing usually sprays water up onto the seat, making it look like someone missed the target while urinating. It's annoying when this happens while you are by yourself; however, in a public restroom it can be embarrassing. When the water splashes up out of the bowl and onto the seat, I take some toilet paper and wipe it dry for the next person. I toss the tissue into the bowl. Flush. Now the seat is wet again. I grab another tissue and wipe it down. Flush. Wet again! The dilemma is, do I wipe the seat dry again and leave the tissue in the toilet, or leave the water on the seat? It's an awkward situation. I don't want the next person to think I wet all over the seat, nor do I want them to think I am too lazy to flush the toilet!

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